Yusuf, a radical Muslim?

Throughout this article, Grewal follows the story of a Muslim named Yusuf. Throughout the beginning of his story, Yusuf paints himself like a radical Muslim. Grewal pointing out that “even some of his Muslim American friends, colleagues, and fellow student travelers challenged his media messaging, criticizing his representations of Islamic creeds.” Yusuf is a confusing character┬áto me because while he claims what hopefully many Americans believe, that Islam was hijacked by terrorists. I say radical because putting myself in the shoes of another Muslim I can’t see their confusing with Yusuf and how he contradicts the religion. Also, in the wake of the 9/11 events, it was unusual for a Muslim to advise the President of the United States in situations. So my question to Yusuf would be, Where do your religious priorities stand? How do you think people view you from within your religion and on the outside of your religion?

4 thoughts on “Yusuf, a radical Muslim?

  1. Kate, I really enjoyed reading this post because you really grappled with the text and asked interesting questions. I think it is interesting how you pointed out how unusual Yusuf’s beliefs are because it is extremely contradicting to what we would expect. I definitely question Yusuf’s beliefs and would be wondering where his religious values stand if I was a Muslim myself. Yusuf gives us an interesting perspective because he takes a stance that many Americans take, which is that Islam was hijacked by terrorists. This standpoint, I would agree, is very radical. I liked how you dove in depth into the text.

  2. I think that Grewal addresses this when he speaks of the “double bind” Muslims find themselves in post 9/11. They want to condemn extremists such as Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist group leaders. However, they also do not want to be shown as being too cozy with the American government which has done a lot of things seen as problematic. Additionally, the fear is that the U.S government may interfere with the religion. Grewal then says there is often a repudiation of the U.S government authorities in mosques. Therefore, it appears Yusuf is exemplifying the behavior as described by Grewal.

    1. Also, you made me aware of how Grewal continues to later talk about the hardships leaders in the mosque face trying to balance their leadership position within the mosque and their position with the US government. Yusuf is a prime example of one of those leaders trying to balance both government misconceptions and Muslims who are members of the Mosque.

  3. I like the language you used to describe how the perceptions of our generation, and the generation before was drastically changed after the events of September 11th. Terrorists that happened to be Muslim executed the most deadly terrorist attack on American soil in United States History. Unfortunately, Islam has been wrongfully forever tied this horrific event in American History. Hopefully, in the years to come, we can move away from this mindset and discern between the Islamic Religion and the terrorists who committed these acts.

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