Searching the website of the Iman I found that they are very community centered. The Iman is short for the Inner-City Muslim Action Network which is focused on fostering health, wellness, and healing in inner cities by an organization for social change also incorporating the arts in this process. This organization was first established in 1997 to bring awareness about the violence, poverty, and decay in Chicago and has spread to other cities. Each staff member has a different background that benefits this organization. There are staff members with their P.H.D’s, activists in Muslim communities, social workers, and people heavily involved with health clinics majority of their life. One thing IĀ find specifically interesting is they provide every viewer with an annual report of their organization for every year since it was established. I think this shows the authenticity of the website and proves their funding is not going to waste. I can only imagine how many people this organization has helped over the years and hope it continues to spread to any other cities in need.


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