Diverse American Muslim Communities

Reading Leonard’s article he discusses the differences among the American Muslim Communities. He brings up the example of Warith Deen Mohammed renaming his community the Muslim American Society and then post 9/11 renamed it again to be the American Muslim Society. Renaming his community put and emphasis on the foundation of American history and culture. Just to change the order of two words speaks volumes to me, especially after 9/11. Changing the name of the community post 9/11 is interesting because it is symbolizing the impact this religion has had in American History. The political aspect of this event has led to many organizations being established in American Society in order to defend religious beliefs and political goals for the Islamic Religion. The mobilization of Islam was becoming prominent in the early 20th century but post 9/11 many organizations were established in order to revive the religion of Islam in America. These organizations also came together to analyze the problems the religion of Islam and Muslims face around the world. I like how Leonard brings out the political side of post 9/11 and not the stereotypical side of this event.

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