An Afternoon in the Mosque

Like many other people, I assumed that going into a Mosque was going to be somewhat related to a church setting. I assumed that when you walked in that you were going to have to be super quiet and wait for mass to start, shutting off the outside world. My assumptions were completely wrong. When we first arrived everyone was so inviting and welcomed you with warm arms. Another assumption that was completely wrong was the amount of talking there was inside the mosque. Everyone was very chatty leading their own conversations, even when you entered the prayer hall. When the call to prayer started everyone assumed their positions and listened to the imam who was a guest from Philadelphia. Even during the lecture from the imam kids were running around. I thought that was a cool aspect because it’s not like these people were pretending that their kids are quiet. I really enjoyed my time spent at the Mosque and am grateful for how warm and welcoming they were to all of us in attendance.

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