A Semester in Review

I don’t necessarily think my style of writing has changed over the course of the semester, however, i think with my perspective changing and my thought process changing I was able to write about things in a more natural way. this course has developed my thinking on a different level which forced me to anally texts more and writes in a different way. I normally don’t analyze something and then make a claim about it because that doesn’t come naturally to me. This course made it easy for me to write and challenge and author which I appreciated a lot because it helped me look at not only Islam in America but life as a whole in general from a different perspective. This course has also helped me prepare for other courses when writing in other courses. While I mentally analyzed the authors I wish I would have put that on my blog. I think it would have been interesting to compare and contrasts the authors because it would have given me yet another perspective on how the Islamic Religion is or what other Muslims think about living in America being a Muslim.This course I think has left me with more questions than answers. we have learned that the Islamic Religion is more conservative and has their own laws established that many follow. But I feel that closing this course with the taqwacore was more confusing as ever for me. Another thing that also confused me was how some people within this religion don’t agree with the laws to the full extent many other Muslims do. We see this example in the Mosque in Morgantown with Asra and Christine. They are advocating for the woman to be allowed to enter through the same entrance as men and pray in the same room as the men as well.If anything this course did for me it raised my respect for Muslims in America. They don’t have it easy practicing the religion they do in America because many Americans discriminate against them including our own President. I loved going to the Mosque and seeing the people go about their prayer in the way they normally do in their own sacred space. I value the spaces Muslims create in order to create that environment for the rest of the people in the community. I think that by Muslims coming together in America can make it a more prominent religion and prove the diversity within the United States and show that its ok to practice this religion. Because the religion doesn’t define the person the person defines themselves and I think that’s what many on Muslims forget. They allow events like 9/11 to define them or ISIS define them. This is an issue that I hope we can overcome as a whole.

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